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Meet Veronica Dorsey

I strive to create content and resources that inspire and encourage believers around the world. Whether you are looking for daily inspiration or practical advice, I invite you to connect with me on these social media platforms.  

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My Story

Welcome to my website! My name is Veronica Dorsey, a joyful Christian committed to spreading joy and hope through Jesus Christ. My journey began in Zambia, where I was born and raised, I now call the  United States home, where I'm dedicated to using my faith and voice to uplift others in our amazing community. Alongside my amazing husband Josh and our awesome 15-year-old son Elijah,  we're all about living out God's teachings every day. My faith is the foundation of everything I do, and I am honored to share my journey with you.


From recently becoming an author, helping to lead worship in church to lending a helping hand in community projects, Wedding Planning and even jazzing up spaces with interior décor, I'm all about spreading inspiration and good vibes wherever I go


Life's challenges? Bring 'em on! With faith in Jesus, my rock, I believe we can conquer anything! I am the proud founder of Finding Peace In Chaos Academy - I help people discover inner peace while going through chaos and guide them in how to embrace life’s trials as opportunities for growth.

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